Welcome to Womanhood

A room full of young women holding awards

Welcome to Womanhood is a girls mentoring created program by the Women of Concerned Black Men of Los Angeles under the Concerned Black Men of Los Angeles (C.B.M.L.A) umbrella, designed to provide African-American girls with the tools needed to become successful as citizens. Welcome to Womanhood is a group mentoring program serving middle school-aged young girls. Our workshops commence for four hours and take place two Saturday’s a month during the nine-month academic year both virtually and at the CBMLA Community Center.

Students enrolled in the program will participate in a variety of interactive activities including panel discussions, 1:1 mentoring, and team-building exercises. The workshops will include topics on self-esteem, financial literacy, healthy eating habits, college prep, self-defense, personal hygiene, social media etiquette, plus more! Welcome to Womanhood focuses on teaching girls the topics they don’t necessarily learn in school, but need in life. The students will interact with guest speakers and facilitators regarding the various topics covered. Active mentorship will allow mentors to shape the girls emotionally, academically and behaviorally. Students enrolled in the program will also participate in various hands-on activities and field trips to supplement their learnings within a classroom setting.