About Us


A Brief History

Concerned Black Men was founded in 1975 by a group of Philadelphia police officers dedicated to reducing gang violence. Through mentorship and programming, they worked to affirm young Black men, foster self-discipline, and offer support. Since then, CBM has expanded nationwide, leading to the creation of the Los Angeles chapter (CBMLA) in 2003. For the past 20 years, CBMLA has provided youth and adult services to African-American communities throughout the Los Angeles County area.

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Building Character

With a focus on 1:1 mentoring, we provide young black men and women with the positive role models critical for long-term success. 

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Promoting Education

With a focus on the future, our mentees are equipped with everything they need to succeed, from tutoring, scholarships, and networking opportunities.

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Fostering Community

Understanding the value of community in youth development, we surround our mentees with a vocal and supportive community.

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At Concerned Black Men of Los Angeles, we believe the first step toward bettering the African-American community starts with the youth. Through diversion programs, positive male role models, and communal investment, we hope to create the next generation of Black leaders and uplift our communities from the bottom up.


Where Does the Money Go?

Every dollar we receive is put to work in service of our mentees. Since much of our staff are retired or volunteers, you can rest assured that each dollar you donate is funding a scholarship, college tour, or youth development program directly.

Want to get involved?

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