The Advanced Leadership Program

The Advanced Leadership Program is an 8-week service-learning project conducted over the summer. The project engages youth in community service initiatives that address community needs upon which they formalize a final project. Approximately 10 to 12 mentees from Concerned Black Men’s Welcome to Manhood program are invited to participate in the service learning project. The youth are divided into small groups of 3 and 4 young men and are assigned a peer group mentor to oversee their work. Each group conducts a community needs assessment, formalizes a project, implements the project, and then presents the results of the community-based project to key stakeholders in the community. Supplemental learning activities are provided during the course of the project, including public speaking lessons, community organization workshops, and social and business etiquette classes.

The purpose of the Advanced Leadership Program is to provide opportunities for youth to learn community service leadership skills while addressing the current needs of the community and making an impact in local neighborhoods. Projects address needs like health disparities, neighborhood beatification, safety or economic development. It is our vision to build a presence in the community meanwhile supporting and empowering our youth. CBMLA developed this project in cooperation with Redefining our Youth.