Grace Lee

Grace Lee’s experience spans more than 30 years in international and domestic business. Grace is a speaker, author, trainer, international businesswoman and the Founder of Grace Lee International, a leadership development company. Grace empowers her clients to achieve their full potential by improving their leadership skills and to achieve personal success through the knowledge of social graces, business etiquette, and self-awareness.

Born in Japan and educated in Asia and the US, she's bilingual and equally at home in both cultures. She is the go to expert for business etiquette and personal social graces on radio, newspapers, and TV nationally. She is the author of 3 books “Social Graces: Essential Tools for Successful Ladies”, “Little Caterpillar in Training: A Culture in Transition and Its Mixed Child in Post-War Japan”, and “Business Etiquette Mastery”. Grace’s social and life skills program have been taught in Sheriff Arpaio jails for over 14 years. Sheriff Arpaio reported that the recidivism rate was reduced from 67% to 17% after his prisoners took Grace’s program.

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